Feedback from Thai friends

One of my Thai friend said she like the singing from the beginning of the adilbs but i still have to work on the angles because some of them are almost identical but it still lacks story telling. Looks like have 2 views but they seem ti get far from each other. The scenes were sort of incongruous,the cuts didn’t exactly come in sync with the beat.I like the split view but still confused. She get it but not too clear. But she said overall it gave me 7/10. She really like the singing.  She want scene to change more in time and with the beat.

One of my Thai friend said she understand the plot but it wasn’t clear because there is only one character, lacks of interaction .She suggested to have something that is connected from scene to scene more such as using an object to help in some scene or another actor so that it would look more interesting. Overall she gave me 7/10. She like my singing, it’s a chill songs suits to footage. Comfortable song. The actor doesn’t show the expression enough, more facial expression to show which mood she is in .

She like the way I show the contrast between 2 difference in actions but the way I used the slow motion and fast pace wasn’t smooth enough. Overall she gave me 7/10.

I have chose 2 feedback from my classmates. One of my classmate said she really liked the backwards video, it’s like a mirror and works really well. Music is awesome and worked really well with film. The reversed worked well and some great camera work. The thing that i have to improve is maybe have a complete contrast on each screen and maybe add a few more shot.

One of my another classmate said he thought the split screen worked well with the shots, very nicely shot of camera movement and the original singing. The thing I have to improve is screen was a bit too small, a better colour grading and probably use more different colour for the split screen.

I showed my music video to my class which gives me a positive and negative feedback which I think this would help me to demonstrate my idea later in the future.

These are the two feedback that mentioned the same. the first two is to improve on a bigger footage on the shots. The good comment is a good soundtracks and also nice camera shots.

The second one is to improve on a better colour correction. The good comment is how the split screen really worked well with the shots.

My strength and Weakness:

My strength is my singing. All of my friends that I have asked they liked the singing and the songs. They give me a good feedback saying that the song was smooth and nice vocal design. They also liked the idea of split screen because it worked well with the song and the some nice camera work.My weakness is some of the scenes were sort of incongruous,the cuts didn’t exactly come in sync with the beat, maybe put more shot and a bigger images of the footage. Most of my friends understand the story but they said it would be better if have more interaction between the two character, more props or another actor. Overall, they said it was good and looks like a 16-19 age work. I’m really glad of how my music video turn out and my strength and weakness feedback from my friends. I will have to improve on my editing and to makes it looks more creative by look at a lot of practitioners videos in Youtube or Vimeo. Try to cut into the beat more,film more shots and makes the fast pace/slow pace smoother. For this project I feel that I can deconstruct texts and show a good understanding of key concepts and representation and when it comes to music production, I can demonstrate my talent of vocal and adjust this into a music video.




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