Fmp2: Evaluation

Did you meet your state aims ?

My main idea was to create a music video as I have always had passion to do it. When it came to idea development, I started to plan what kind of music video I would like to create and what camera angles should I consider.Initially, I was struggling to find inspiration because I didn’t really have a clear idea at the beginning. So i started looking on Youtube and saw many inspiring music videos with  split screen, green screen and special effects which really helped me get an idea. Aldo. I wanted to record my own music, me singing on some cover and compose my own song because I feel that this would be my strongest part of my production. I would say for the most part I met my aim because I managed to do a split screen  which I am happy with as well as use green screen for the first time. I kept my idea simple then added to it  afterward. I slowly started to develop my idea bit by bit, I started from the very beginning when I didn’t have much of a clue how I could film the green-screen and use different type of effects such as Chroma key or keying effect, but during this project I managed to achieved most of the style I wanted.


Here is a clip from one of the music videos which inspired me with a split screen. What I like about this music video is how they make the reversed of each separate shot but actually these two shot are link together. Compared to my production. I think my work looks good but I could add a little more refinement to my shots and editing to achieve a higher standard.

How does your work compare with your chosen practitioner ?

Michel Gondry was one of my chosen practitoners I specially like his work because he has a simple storylines with very clever ways of manipulating imagery. I find his mise-en-scene and visuals are  really unique and his work has visually inspired many people and myself. For example: he directed a song for The chemical brother. This music video used a notebook to plot out a graphic path for music sheet, it was a good storyline with complete creative aspects of shooting. On the other hand, my work is uses a simple storyline and added many effect such as split screen, reversing effects, special effect (rain effects), Chroma keying and flipping effects which I hope makes look more professional.

This is my work compared to my practitioner one. What I’ve done that is similar is I did a two split screen and try to relate these two in one scene. I should have thought it more in seeing that it’s a split screen and I want every scene to be doing thing differently. Some of the scene is not really have the meaning and I thought I could make it better if I’m more focus on it. This point would bring my grade up to my practitioner level.

I tried to avoid the montage video because it wouldn’t be relevant to any of music video and that would make it look like I’m unprepared. I wanted to have more creative aspects to my cinematography so that it would look more interesting and would make the work become visually inspired to many people around my age.

Did you make any changes? Why? how did your concept develop ?

I’m quite happy that throughout this project I didn’t change my concept much but obviously my idea had slightly changed as some production parts I struggled to acheive, but I felt i have learnt a great deal of new production methods which I would be afraid to do before. I did a few change of my idea and test shot as my idea changed when I start to do test-edits. My story line stayed the same, but the reason why I changed some of the test-shots is because I was trying to get the best shots that suited my music video. Throughout my research I kept the idea of using green-screen and split screen  and using some special effects. I knew it was going to work well and I could learn a lot from this. If this worked well I would be really proud of myself and would be happy. First of all what I had to face is some of the shots that I was expecting to get I couldn’t  because I didn’t have the resources and techinical knowledge, as well as not enough time to achieve a shots i wanted. An example of this was I wanted  to film  snow, I couldn’t get to a location where snow would be guarantee as well as not having the equipment to acheive the time-lapse shots I really wanted when it was snowing. I have added more  effects like flipping and reverse because I believed it gives the impression that  there is two people in one scene that is doing the same thing at the same time, but in the another way. This relates to the lyrics in the song where two people are in different mood. At first, I had lots of footage which I wanted to have in the music video, but I ending up removing alot of shots as I felt they were unnecessary. I think they didn’t suit my music video and filmed more test shot before the final production to see what changes would work.

Here is some shots that at first I thought would work well but I removed it . Unfortunately I didn’t use the green screen shot on train anymore because it doesn’t suits to my music video.Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 15.05.06.png

Does the finished product appeal to the target audience?

I believe the final product does appeal to my target audience as the age range that I have set from 13 upwards to any age. Aiming to sell to young adults. There is not violence, injury and ethnical issue such as representation (male) in my music video. Alongside having  positivefeedback from my friends saying that it wasn’t too much and the song was chill. It’s not offensive to any type of sexuality so not stereotyping, so I think it appeals to the target audience.

I have got a few feedback from my classmates and my friends so I would say most of the feedback I got was good. Some of them said I might want to film more shots, show a stronger contrast on each screen and a bigger image of a footage.My strongest part is my music and the way I do a split screen because it does work really well with the song.

How well does the product reflect your skills and the things you have learnt third year ?

My music video clearly shows how I’m really keen to make a music video about daily life and show what this person does in one day, what she has been through plus having a creative idea of adding special effects, keying and a split screen. This is one of my most challenging projects because I have push myself by learning new production techinques which i wouldn’t have tried last year. Such as green screen, colour correction and split screen. I think I’m now getting better at analyzing my work which has helped how my  productions look, and hopefully make my work more interesting. Throughout this year I have learnt so many things.

For this project I always remind myself to keep updating my journal so that I will not get behind. I’m quite happy with what I have planned to do in each week because I think it’s just the right amount for me. My Journal has enabled me to keep  on track and not get lost. I got more motivation when I started to film test shot because this allows me to be able to see how my music video would be like and I find it easier for me to estimate how much footage will be needed and can I edit it in the right time and position.  I have learnt about green screen and had a chance to shoot my actor on a green screen which i think turned out good. Before doing the research on this I didn’t have a clue about it but this research has helped me to develop my understanding how green screen works, what is chromakeying, why is green the most popular color of screen for Chroma keying. I found using green screen is really cool because it’s a special effects that professional use on movies like superhero films, inventing some incredible ways to create special effects shots. This year I set myself in a good standards without using last year knowledge into this production. This year I’m glad that I was more confident to experiment with different production technique compared to last year. This year i was also more confident with using Final cut pro and I believe it has resulted with my final production being better than last years. Doing a lot of pre-production, research has helped me to also become more organized and helping me analyse others work  and provide clearer explanations. As well as reflected these skills into my journal has helped me to become more responsibility and keep more on tracks.

Is it an accurate reflection of your skills ? are you proud of it ?

Overall, my work this year there is some parts that I could have done better. My strength in singing has helped to raise the quality of my production as it makes my work to become more unique and interesting .I’m better at analyzing and criticizing work. I know more about ethical issue, target audience and be able to see a wider perspective of how could I develop my work. My weakness is I should have discovered more of special effect. I think I have tried my best and hard working on the research bit. I didn’t spend too much focusing on edit. I do spend most of my old knowledge on analyzing and explaining the research. I’m happy that I’m always on tracks and clearly understand what I’m doing. I can organize myself well and make sure that everything is the right amount for me. Be able to complete on time and submitted to every deadline. This year I’m proud of myself but I think it’s not enough as I have to improve a lot on researching, contact with clients, using Final cut pro and want to learn more about Photoshop. In the future, I want to see myself setting a solid goal and be able to organise and deal with clients from all over the world and run a business. I know its going to be hard for me but if I am really keen to do it, I will have to work for it. Most important is that I would need to have lots of motivation and make sure that it’s possible for me to do. I have always wanted to do a music video, with me singing in it, as this would be beneficial to my future development as music artist .My plan is I want to record loads of my songs to be accompanied with music videos,then if I have the budget, I would hire people to edit and to help me make a decent Youtube Channel.

what would you do different nest time? what did you learn ?

What i have to improve is

My other aim is to make sure that I meet my target audience. My target audience is more likely to attract mostly a teenager and all type of gender It’s not offensive to any type of sexual so bisexual,gay,straight,boy and girl can all listen. For me,I think this song has  less lyrics and complicate meaning, but I do understand it because I asked my friend where his lyrics come from and what inspired him to composed it. Things that I have to improve for my FMP is I could film more shots, make a clearer contrast between shots,a better colour correction and a bigger footage in the scene. I really proud of myself singing this song because I think it sound good and most of my friend gave me a good feedback of the song. Another aim of mine to make sure that I was evaluating everything that I was doing and researching and completing on my blog and throughout the course of this unit.

These are the feedback that I’ve got after I showed my work to class. I have already mentioned this on feedback blog.

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what would you do differently if you had a larger/unlimited budget?

If I had a bigger budget for this production, I would want to add more details on the final piece. At the beginning, I have a thought about all the test shots that I could get it easily which is seems to be good idea but what I get is different. I think some of the shots are still a bit random as I didn’t really have an idea what angle I would want it to be like. I have the basic idea but I couldn’t imagine the whole thing. I didn’t have the budget to fulfill these ideas but I was able to go without the amount of budget. In addition, with a bigger budget it would meant that I could get to film in more locations that would look good on my music video. I could pay for a proper production for instance, green screen, compositing and a post production studio to help with colour correction and studio shots. And also might be easier for me to dues with companies and organizations. In contrast, If I had a car I would have to pay for my own petrol and it would cost me a lot if I’m travelling on my own. Overall I am happy with my production and enjoy learning new stuff that I never know. I’m done everything on time and proud of what I had to go through and I already completed.

















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