FMP2: Journal


Idea development

Week 1 26Febuary-2march: This week, I am aiming to start the idea development part of the project. I was thinking of listing my ideas down so that it would give at least some ideas of what I want to do so for now. I will be starting to list my proposal and also write down what I will doing in each week. Thursday and Friday college closed due to the snowed. However, not to waste time I manage to film some snow, random stuff that is going on while it’s snowing and work on my proposal from home.

Week 2 5th- 9th March: I come up with an idea of my project when i looked at the split screen then i realized that i should get some of that idea but change into my story. Today i will be doing a research on the practitioner and try to think of thing possible i could film during Easter. I want to keep the filming bit simple then started to build up with i got all the shot that i want so it would be easier and know where to start. I’m hoping to get on with my Fmp brief and get the proposal done so I next week I can fully move to the researching part. On Wednesday I looked at videos that used a split screen and I kind of played around with possible ideas on how I can put it own videos.

Target for the next week: After I’ve got the idea of doing a split screen and i will need to do more research about it. Next week I aim to research about the split screen and a few possible special effects that I will have to put on my edit.

Week 3 12th- 16thMarch: This week I hoping to get on with my research as much as I can.  Finalised my idea, runs through all of my thought of what I need ,when do I want to start film and plan the location for film. I have a thought that I should be spending my time during weekend researching more of cinematography and test shot that I want it to be on my music video. On this wednesday, I am quite happy with what i did because I have a chance to do a test shot with my actor on green screen even though it might not work but at least it got me to understand what I need to do with green screen shot and learn how to take a good one in my next shooting. I find it quite hard to take a photos on green-screen when you have long hair because when it comes to you doing a keying it would be really hard to get rid of those small hair so its better to let your actor tie their hair up. Also i have analysed of how i found my practitioners video and update my journal.

Target for next week: After I have took a few test shot of green-screen and do some research about it. I have a thought that I’m not going to get into all the fine details of chroma keying, but I could get a pretty good idea of how it works with a little help from youtube. Make sure there are no wrinkles or stains on the screen. I will leave the test shot for abit because next week i have to start doing the presentation for the pitch.

Presentation preparation:

  • My concept/idea
  • What are you focusing on?
  • target audience
  • inspiration
  • Practitioner research
  • Strength and Weakness
  • production schedule

Week 4 19th- 23rd March: I’m hoping to runs through my idea and see  how it can be improve, add more idea or research where needed. After I finish doing most of the research , I will have to start preparing the presentation for next week. On Monday college wasn’t open due to the snowed so i haven’t been able to do much, I have had a looked at a few clips on Youtube and have found that could possibly become my practitioner. The one I found is Pentatonic song as they tends to make a split screen video with different style of transition and plus they produced their own music. This week i aimed to get all the research done and started to prepare to present the pitch on next Wednesday. After looking at my research I believe I should do some more on the practitioner.  I also need to state primary,secondary,qualitative and quantitative sources as well, give more example to it. I have found from my experiences from last year that if I check my research often to see that I have covered the items in the brief, it helps my grade, especially when looking at the grade criteria.

Target for next week: Overall, I want to polish up all the research that I have done so far as I’ve done most of it, but will have to look into cost and budget of what it actually cost me. Also must remind me to put the bibliography every time I do research.

March Assessment Point 2 Deadline 23rd March Present your pitch and hand in a full production schedule

Week 5 26th-29th March: On the 23th I will have to present the pitch to class so for this week I should be working on detail production schedule and research. Today we are having our pitch presentation, so we will feeling relieved after it done.  I will be working on my test shot this week and plan where to film in Edinburgh,london and Exeter. Mainly I will be filming in Exeter.I found a few inspiration from Youtube which gives me an idea of how  I want to film and discover more about camera angles and sound effects. Tonight I will do more research about after effects, how to apply rain effects and others effects on Final cut pro, and hopefully try to make some test -edit.  As this work was like a storm because i have done so much work and its because next week is easter holiday which means i will have a break. I want to do as much work as i can so that when i come back from easter holiday i will not be behind. Eventually, i think this week i have done pretty well because i did do more research after college and whenever I was free.

Week6 EASTER – 1th-14-th April:

During the Easter Break, I have been able to film in Scotland and London as I’m using my own camera so what I could do is film the landscape,train,weather and whatever I want it to be on my music videos. These entire two weeks I aiming to get most of the filming done and make sure that I got the best shot from there because I cannot go back to film again. I will return in Exeter on the 16th so what I want to do is thinking about the preproduction!

  • storyboards✓
  • recce work  ✓
  • test shots/edits
  • risk assessments ✓
  • contributors form
  • consent form
  • cast/crew list (blanked out information)

Target for next week: After I came back from Easter I want to start my preproduction paperwork and experiment more with green screen techniques and test shots.

12-04-18: I return back to Exeter and started to think of what i will be doing this week because i thought i was behind. The time while Im traveling, I film some random stuff and place in Scotland and London. Most of the footage i got is of places i went such as the edinburgh castle, holyrood palace, garden and timelapse from The Shard. I have written down the cost/budgets that i have spends on my trip and transportation. Now I’m planing to upload my footage onto my hardrive and see what I have got so far, upload a test shot on my blogs, write down some describe about it the angles, what i expect it to be, where and when i shoot, Am i happy with it, Plan to draw a story board or draw a mind maps instead. I kind of want to finished all of the research during easter, but unfortunately I found it difficult doing it because I’m busy and i could not find the motivation to finish it. Also i’m worried about my filming that it wouldn’t turn out like I expected as i only got the random footage not the main one. I supposed to be filming the main footage after easter holidays . Hopefully i can managed my time to film and finish all the paperwork.

13-04-18: Today i uploaded some of my footage onto test edit. Unfortunately, i always struggled of managing my storage as the memory is full so i wasted my time sorting it before i get started. I’m not really happy with the footage I got because it wasn’t that good. I really want to film the main scene already as I can see the exact plot and how does it go with my songs. I also managed to write down what  i spent and how much it cost me to go to the place i went. Next week when college is on i will be shooting my test shot then edit together so that i will be able to see how it go and does it work with my FMP. Moreover, i will have to scan some of the pre-production paperwork that i have complete over easter on my blog to make sure that I’m on track.

Week 7 16-20th April: For this week, I’m focusing on my test shot because i was behind and didn’t have enough useful test-shot for my reference so this whole week i have been working on my test-shot and just polish the rest of my pre-production. I have complete the research and including the evaluation. I have uploaded a test-shot that i think i would need for my music video and have mention why i have chosen it. Having test-shots has helped to get more idea of where I position my actress and what she can possibly act in front of the camera.  I worked from home this weekend on the 21-22april. I have done 2 test-edit. Both of them are rough edit that is considered some of my footage that I will be using on my real videos. The first clip is the mistake and the second one has been successful. According to the video used many transform to make a split screen,reverse effect and some normal video

Target for next week:  I hoping to get the test-edit done ,all of the pre-production paperwork done and hope to film the actor this week. After all the filming is done, i will be re checking all the pre-production and clips again. I want the filming to be done by this week so that i could spend another 2 weeks editing or re-film some of scene if needed.

Week8 23rd-27th April : If everything seem to be on track of what i expect i will just go for the editing and looked through other editing technique, try to collect all of those techniques so that i could use them in my music video. I might use this whole week to research about the editing techniques, camera angles and cinematography and see how if it would help in my work. This week I’ve reshoot a test shot on green screen and I’ve found this problem after I took a test shot.The problem with the light coming on green-screen wall. I have to increase the scale on Final cut pro to 124 % to make the lighter green areas out of shot and that is worked. Although, it worked I will need to reshoot it again because I think it’s too close and want a better reaction with the actress’s hands. I should have thought of using a table to help so that it would be more easier for my actress to act.

Target for next week: So this weekend i might start to film the footage that i will be using for my real thing at my house. This time i probably film the morning routine scene first. Basically i have found 2 morning routine film on Youtube which i could use those kind of ideas on my music video. I will only use some of the angles and style apart from that i will going to see it again.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 14.48.01.png

Week9 30th April- 4th: I will have to upload my test shot, consent form and all production paper on my blogs to analysis, talking about what should i improve, see how my editing is going and does the footage cut to the beat because i find this is hard work as i’m doing time lapse and lip-sync in it as well. On tuesday i didn’t do much because i haven’t got that much time in class  but i did work from home. I have uploaded the rest of test shot on blog and explain about it. Tomorrow as we got mac entire day which allows me to do edit . In today morning session I did editing, and I have found that I have to really get the green screen scene sorted otherwise I would find it hard to manage my time for editing. After lunch I added a flipping effects on my footage which makes it look better as it follow my storyline. Overall, this week I’m done much. My main thing that i do is exploring test-shot,gren-screen shooting and start a proper editing. Also I updated my journal everyday and on Thursday I have written more about copyright and how it doesn’t affect me. I’m quite happy of what I have done so far.

Shot that I need to film: (left another 1.26min )

  • when she is going to sleep
  • Opening the door to house
  • Closing curtain or close the light
  • walking home side shot
  • her on green screen side shot just half body
  • her feet walking up the stairs
  • walking around town(Both side shot and normal shot)
  • laying on tree holding a cup of tea (side shot)
  • Cloudy weather, start to rain

This weekend: I will be filming the house scene again because I need more shot of a daily life routine from the sunrise until sunset. However, I will try to film a shot walking around in town and park as much as I can because I want to get the filming done by this weekend. Also next week the weather is going to be sunny and cloudy which means it’s going to be hard for me to film the bad weather but hopefully next week on Tuesday I could film some of rain.

Target for next week: I will have to film my actor on green screen again and I will have to change on the proposal schedule to make it more brief so that i wouldn’t have to change the one on my journal. I will have to continue my editing and also start thinking of evaluation.

Week 10 8th – 11th May:  for this week I will be continue editing and keep updating my journal through my entire editing. I will show my work to Lee to see what he thinks and what should I improve on this. This Monday the college close as it’s bank holiday so I’m working from home. I have finish filming on the Sunday but have another scene left that i need to film which is closing a curtain scene. The reason that i couldn’t film when my actress is there is because i can’t wait to film until sunset so what I think I can do is film myself closing the curtain without seeing my hands. I have start writing the evaluation. I decide not to film the last green-screen anymore because I thought the footage that I got so far are enough so I think shooting this last green-screen is unnecessary. However, I managed to add more footage that is in profile shot in because I thought it would look better when I flip it.

Editing this week : I put the split screen in the right position. The right scene, X=310 and Y=-14. The left scene, X=-305 and Y=-14.

Target for next week: already finished all the filming and have done most of the edit. Next week will be edit the bit that i have left to fix. Probably cut more into beat and hoping to finish the evaluation. I will work on grammar checking during the weekend as well.

May Assessment Point 4 Deadline 18th May Screen your work to the class and hand in evidence of their feedback

Week11 14th – 18th May: On Tuesday I didn’t do much because I haven’t got any footage of the bad weather so for  today I update my journal and scan another storyboard for pre-production. On Wednesday, I finally get to film the bad weather.I filmed the sky and winds blowing a tree. Well, I have pretty much done with the editing. There is just a few things that I have to correct such as, cut more into the beat(only in the first bit) and colour correction then I’m all done. For the cooler correction I used Master: 59/-1%, shadows:177/-1%, Midtones:22/-16%and Highlights: 72/77%. As it’s in split screen one side I do colour correction and another side I used black and white effect. I just trying to avoid the complicate.  For the evaluation I only left the last question to complete. So I would say Im pretty much done with my project. Hopefully will upload my clips tomorrow and will start asking people for my video’s feedback.

Target for next week: I will have to present my music video to class and hand in evidence of audience feedback. What I want to achieve in this week and before Monday next week is I will be finalising my editing to Lee, want a last suggestion before I uploaded on my blog. Everything must be ready to submit and hopefully everything will go well.

Week12 21st – 25th May: After the submission I will have to write the evaluation about this project and make sure that everything is there on my blog. I have finished all of my work and have finished writing a feedback. I asked a few friends from Thailand and in Exeter. Most of them have the same comment which I found it quite easy to put it together. But it’s good because all of my friends gave me a honest feedback which has both positive and negative. Overall I think its going well.

22th May: Presentation in Darren session. I was the first one who get to show my work. After I finish presenting and everyone gave me a feedback then I chose the best two feedback to write on my blog. I’m happy with the feedback that I got as I think it was a honest thought.

This is what I’ve written on my blog for my feedback.Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 11.54.34.png




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