Fmp2: Research


Part two-Research 

I came up with an idea of doing a music video about a a bad/good side of a person. That person change from bad-good,good-bad by the time pass, the weather change. Hopefully to get most of the shots in time-lapse. I want use the least amount of actors as possible, probably only one or two. It might be cool if I filmed the same person at both side then match them together, kind of meet the shot together at some point so it would make it feel like it’s in one scene. For my song track I will be singing a song that my friend composed.  I have a thought about the music before I have an idea of my story as the song can be relate to it. I’m quite happy with this song because I can express the emotions into it and giving me more ideas to film.

I have already asked my friend’s permission for using his song for my project. After I got the song, I have a looked at a few split screen videos. This helped me to get more idea of how to put the shots together and many more techniques that i could add on such as a stop motion,reverse effects,match up, could use a click track so that the actor can move at the same pace, more time-lapse and naturally transition into two different camera framing. I also got a shot of snow and some random filming during there’s snow. It’s just in case i need that as i want to film a shot of a pile of snow and the weather change from a smaller amount of snow to lots of snow all over the place but i couldn’t do this because the snow stopped and it’s hard to put my camera out to film without any equipment. Hopefully i will be filming some shots in Scotland and london, but of course I will be based in Exeter so that I can always film in there whenever I need more shot.

The viewers and subscribers for music video Ciba Mato -Sugar Water is a massive amount. There are both likes and dislike, but a majority of people liked the video. Most people on feedback said it was a brilliant music video as it was creative and classic  for one of the most underrated bands to come out of the trip-hop movement of the mid-’90s.


Primary : I have a looked at Michel Gondry whilst I’m doing my practitioner  research for my music video. He is a French independent film director, screenwriter, and producer. He is noted for his inventive visual style and distinctive manipulation of mine en scene. He won an Academy Award for best Original Screenplay as one of the writers of the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Michel Gondry has directed videos for Chemical Brothers, Bjork and White Stripes. This is one of the famous song that Michel Gondry direct for The chemical Brother-Star Guitar(2001). It’s a simple idea and it is sort of a predecessor to Kylie’s come into my world. Following Kylie on her daily errands. This music video,looking out a train window as a country landscape passes by.Everything seems normal, until you realize that nothing is normal. By then you can’t look away.

 This is the video of Kylie Minogue- Come into the world (2002) It’s a classic and wonderfully effective Gondry video structure. At first, the video plays out like a long and complex (but straightforward) tracking shot. But then halfway through, Gonry adds a twist. Then another twist.
I like Grondy’s music videos because I find it’s fascinating showing the visual mock-up for the Chemical Brothers’ tune using a notebook to plot out a graphic path for the music like a score sheet. He made a good storyline with complete creative control over all aspects of the project, starting with the genre and title of their film, the script and actual shooting.
Link :
I have emailed to one of my practitioners, James W Griffiths, for some more research and some more understanding on how he films, edits and his inspiration, but I didn’t actually send it because I haven’t seen his email on his page so I wasn’t able to know how he produces.
Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 09.30.45.png

Secondary : One of my chosen practitioners, Michael Gondry, is a French independent film director, screenwriter and producer. He won Academy Award for best original screenplay as one of the writers of the 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. He is well known for his music video collaborations with Radiohead,Bjork,Beck,The chemical Brothers and the white Strips. The Chemical Brothers which I have mentioned above ,include the link and article as well.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 09.50.33.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 09.50.40.pngScreen Shot 2018-04-18 at 09.50.53.png

Qualitative: Gondry isn’t a newcomer, but he always manages to surprise us. He already has inspired a generation of filmmakers. His mise-en-scene and visuals aren’t just inventive but have made him into one of the most distinctive filmmaker working today. Here’s a look at the best and worst of Gondry’s filmography to date. I feel that his music video is really unique and his work visually inspired. His twitter followers was 25.4 k ,mainly this site for upcoming events, his songs have more over than5,930,242 views

Quantitative: This is a review from (need to state site) Many comments for Gondry is about how he demonstrate his music video that not only for sell but also invest pop music with intimacy and emotion. A compilation of music videos, adverts, interviews from Michel Gondry. For me,this man is a genius. It doesn’t even matter if something he does is boring to watch and truly one of the most original and influential filmmakers of recent years.


 lyrics of my song (Primary Research) 

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 11.56.07.png

Basically this song was inspired by when friends hurts one anothers feeling so now they are not friends anymore. What I want to do is film time-lapse of a beautiful nature of environment and some random place in Exeter,Scoland and London. Also as the lyrics are emotional I will be having one actor to help this music video much more complete but I might film her in two split screen. One is her being  emotional and another is some kind of happy and appreciate.


Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 15.04.35.png

For this project I chose Michel Gondry because I felt that he is the film and music video maker which inspires my idea. Not only has his background inspired me how he become a director. Between the ages of 16-20, a lot of people go through a phase where they aspire to become a music video director.  This is followed shortly by a phase where they want to become a regular director. But in both cases, they don’t want to produce generic content, they want to create art . This person is where/ who I could draw ideas from. By researching, and learning about, this person I could begin to understand how and possibly why they make the art/ film/ music that has encouraged my FMP idea. (this comment came from the link)


This Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. Has won the Nokia Shorts competition 2011.

Director: James W Griffiths
Producer: Kurban Kassam
Director of Photography: Christopher Moon
Editor: Marianne Kuopanportti
Sound Design: Mauricio d’Orey
Music composed by: Lennert Busch

This is his website for his recently work!

Get the music on iTunes:

I have looked at James W Griffiths work. Basically this music video is all in split screen  about two parallel lives, one in New York and one in Paris and the journey that will lead them together. Told simultaneously through the eyes of both characters.

This is the enquiry that I wanted to email but I didn’t because I couldn’t find the way I can contact him.

Hi James W Griffiths

I’m a student from Exeter College in the Uk. Currently I’m doing a FMP (Final Major Project) as a part of my media course this year. I got inspired by your split scene as I also want to do a split scene of a person with time-lapse .I really like your shot and cinematography.I find it’s really interesting of how you film and edited together.  You have already helped me lots and with your help I could develop my idea further. So could you gives me some advise on How to make visual effects for music video , what is the technique that you’ve use for your production. How do you plan and structure your films? Where did you get inspired from, What is the overcome filming the split video and match it together?This massively help me develop my ideas. Thank you for answering my question and thank you for your amazing music video.

Kind regards


This is another video dierected by Gondry that I’ve looked at and I find it’s really clever of how they split the screen then make it reversed of each separate shot but actually these two shot are link together. This music video was filmed in New York city based by two Japanese women, Yuka and Miho in 1994. Initially, the lyrics in their songs were primarily concerned with food. 

I really want to get this kind cinematography as I think its might suit my song. How the beat and the movement of the scene to another scene. I’m trying to avoid the montage because it’s not relevant to the music video and this time I want my footage to relate to the song lyrics as much as possible. This video shows the living sustainably about doing more and better with less. It is about knowing that rising rates of natural resource use and the environmental impacts that occur are not a necessary by-product of economic growth.

Cibo Matto

This is a little background on Cibo Matto

Cibo Matto
Cibo Matto and friends at Solid Sound Festival (North Adams MA), 27 June 2015.jpg

Cibo Matto and friends
Solid Sound Festival, 2015
Background information
Origin New York City, U.S.
Years active 1994–2002, 2011–2017
Associated acts
Past members

Band members

  • Yuka Honda: sampler, sequencer, keyboard, piano, organ, synthesizer, harpsichord, backing vocals (1994–2002, 2011–2017)
  • Miho Hatori: lead vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar (1994–2002, 2011–2017)
  • Sean Lennon: bass guitar, electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, drums, percussion, synthesizer, backing vocals (1997–2002)
  • Timo Ellis: drums, percussion, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals (1997–2002)
  • Duma Love: percussion, vocals, turntable, beat box (1997–2002)
  • Yuko Araki: drums, backing vocals (2011–2017)

Your competition 


I chose pentatonix because they’ve got a few split screen videos that they made for their own music video and also covers. They used so many transition as they split a faces of their team members in each boxes so it makes more split screens. I find it’s good to make something like this when you don’t really have a storyline, it makes it  look cool as well. I really like this band for how they make their songs and make music videos. Some is simple and some uses alot of transitions, props, makeup and location. It’s just depends on the song really, they have got their own songs as well but mostly  the songs are cover and that is how they started to be famous. I feel that Pentatonix have put a lot of work into this because I do understand it’s  hard work trying to manage different singing lines together and edit a song together.

Who are they?

Pentatonix 2015.jpg

This is the article that I have found on Wikipedia about Pentatonix.

Pentatonix (abbreviated PTX) is an American a capperlla group from Arlington, Texas consisting of vocalists Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin,Kevin and Matt Sallee. Avi Kaplan was formerly a member of the group; he was replaced by Sallee in 2017. The genre is pop style arrangement with harmonies. They are known for their covers and mostly of modern pop works on Christmas sons,sometimes in the form of medleys along with the original songs. Pentatonix won three time Grammy Award and multi-Platinum-selling Pentatonix has sold 10million albums worldwide and performed for hundreds of thousands of fans at their sold out shows across the globe. Their Youtube channel are more than 14.5million subscribes. 2015 their songs wa debuting number 1 on Billboard as well. In addition, nine o their albums reached the top10 on Billboard’s 200 chart and received multiple RIAA certifications for multi-platinum,platinum and gold selling albums and singles. The tour documentary ” On my way home is appeared in the feature film”The pitch perfect2″.


Here is their Youtube channel(PTXofficial)

The pentatonic music video had dramatically increased from 2012 to 2018. Recently, the viewers from last week was  3,810,677 views of the song”New Rules x Are You That Somebody”

On the other hand,Pentatonix’s Christmas special had fewer viewers than the 2016 edition but receiving the support from one of NBC’ biggest show. Pentatonix chistmas special broadcast had most of adults 18-49 rating and average 5.47 million. The most viewers is at 10pm.  However Monday’s broadcast still delivered a solid rating standards. Last Christmas has 7.49 million in overall viewers from 8-10Pm and its placed fourth in the time slot for FOX’s Empire CBS”Survivor” and ABC’S “Goldberg” “speechless” tandem. Pentatonix had more than 30 songs cover and most of there songs are well known all over the world.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the most recently ,Pentatonix released a deluxe version of their certified Platinum 2016 holiday album A Pentatonix Christmas Deluxe and wrapped their sold-out A Pentatonix Christmas Tour in December


Where I would like to be in 5years time?

I’m a student and just started to make  music videos in 2016. Generally,I would say that I am still far behind for becoming successful , espeically compared to my competition but I would like to see myself setting a solid goal and be able to see a wider perspective of how  I could develop my knowledge in each project, and be able to organise and deal with clients from all over the world and run a business. I know its going to be hard for me but if I am really keen to do it, I will have to work for it. Most important is that I would need to have lots of motivation and make sure that it’s possible for me to do. I have always wanted to do a music video, with me singing in it, as this would be beneficial to my future development as music artist .My competition is Pentatonix which I have mentioned earlier, they were successful from uploading acapella singing on Youtube.At first they are just doing it as a hobbies but now it’s a career which that is really amazing and everyone loved their songs. After they became famous by uploading clips on Youtube, they decide to enter a competition and  won The Sing-Off in 2011, the group got a $200,000 record deal. So they turned to YouTube, where their pop-rock covers have acheive over 1 billion views. For me, this group is my idol for recording a song and turning them into a  music video. This is what I would like to do in the future, start off with making my own songs or covers and turning them into a simple music video first then if I got a budget, I would hire people to edit and to help me make a decent Youtube Channel.

Target Audience

For my target audience: The age range would be from the age 13 up until any age. Aiming to sell to an audience of young adults. I’m happy with the idea for my music video track because many of my friend have given positive feedback and they think it was chill so I don’t really expect what age will listen to my music video.I would be appreciate if people could understand what I was singing about because there is some confusion of the lyrics.

Gender: Both female and male can watch it. From the lyrics is kind of sad, struggling,confusion and pain. Basically the song is about a friendship that ends badly . In my music video I’m trying to avoid violence,injury and ethical issue such as representation (male gaze) as the main actress in my music video is young female I don’t want imagery which conforms to the male gaze.

Ethnicity: My music video has english lyrics and it’s produced by my friend so it’s not  a serious copyright issue. It was just our interest in recording and we used to meet up to make music together that is how we started a production. Mostly people can understand it because it’s typically english so i would say it’s for all races.

Social economics status : The song genre is pop and r&b so it’s kind of a chill song with has a variety of vocal chord and instrument making a song doesn’t sound simple.The beat of the song is modern and it’s a trend style with any kind of music video. All economics status.

Sexual orientation:I would say this song is more likely to attract mostly teenagers and all types of gender. It’s not offensive to any type of sexuality so not stereo typing, so I hope it appeals to people who are  bisexual,gay,straight,boy and girl. For me,I think this song has  less lyrics and complicate meaning, but I do understand it because i asked my friend where his lyrics come from and what inspired him to composed it.

Demographic: I would say B,D and E because I’m young singer and mostly teenagers-young adults will listen to it including unemployed,student, casual workers, middle management and media people

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.24.24.png


B – Middle management, teachers, creative and media people (e.g. graphic designers)

E – Unemployed, students, pensioners, casual workers


Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.24.33.png

Explorers – Seeks discovery. Energy, individualism and experience. Values difference and adventure. Brand choice highlights satisfaction and instant effect. The first to try new brands. Often younger people – students.

Reformers – Seeks enlightenment. Freedom of restrictions and personal growth. Social awareness and independent judgement. Anti-materialistic but aware of good taste. Has attended higher education and selects products for quality.

Legal and ethical issues 

In today lesson we explored ethical, gender related issues within film. We see how men and women are represented in film, cinema and music video.  I thought it would be interesting to analyse the representation of women in films and music video because there is many fact that I can say about it and could mention about how men see women on social media.

what is ofcom: (need to write in your own words) is the communications regulator in the UK.That’s relates to the TV, radio and video-on-demand sectors, fixed-line telecoms, mobiles and postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate.The company is protected from scams and sharp practices, while ensuring that competition can thrive.According to a watershed  on television is between 21:00 and 05:30. This means that adults program that rated 15 cannot be shown outside if its eight and a half hour period.

The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non-governmental which was set up in 1912 that has classified cinema films, video games and music videos. BBFC applied the new test suitability for viewing in the home. The BBFC is a not for profit organisation, and its fees are adjusted only to cover its costs because it’s independence,the bbfc never receives subsidies from either the film industry or the government. The income is from the fees it charges for its services calculating by the running time of film or DVDs.

MALE GAZE- The male gaze is the way in which the visual arts and literature depict the world and women from a masculine point of view, presenting women as objects of male pleasure. The phrase male gaze was coined by feminist film critic Laura Mulvey in 1975. STATE HOW THIS WILL INFULENCE YOUR

What is copyright ?does it affect your work ?

Copyright is legal right that protects any work and idea. Copyright legislation in the Uk in 1988. Copyright is useful for copying,change or sell, share things online or rent it to someone as well. It’s important to have copyright in some way because it’s protects your work and most creative things people’s create.

How do i copyright my work?

Copyright protect automatically as soon your work is create and done need to regist the work to ensure rights are protected by copyright. However, it may not protect all from and in some case are different because of  Intellectual Property (IP)may be more suitable.


I have a looked at some tutorials on Youtube on how to I make effects. I found a rain effect and some green screen videos. I think the rain effect and change background would help me for this research. Well I haven’t tried to do it yet but I get to learn how to make original rain fall effects and learn how to use gray layer and adjustment learn more about tools and fill new adjustment layer color tone in photoshop. I found the fake rain effect they made looks so real, I really like it. I will be shooting my actor on green screen so I have a looked about how to use green screen for photos. Basically it teaches you how to do the set up, where to spot the light, how to photoshop. I found it was very informative and can always learn something new from this video. Would be better if I could get something like stop motion and a very fast time-lapse. Include a speed to take long exposure photos during the daytime in continuous shot mode, and turned those image sequences into video clips. I find this video really cool and would like to make one like this.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 14.17.59.png
This is the comparison of normal picture and after edit .I’m hoping to have a footage like this on my music video

 I’m posting my test shot of the rain effects at the bottom of this page.

 Cuts And Transitions

I decided to research a variety of shots i could use for my music videos

Cut on movement – A cut when a character or item moves. This is used in pretty much everything you will see.

Match cut– Cuts from one shot to a similar shot to match the composition for example in a duel a shot can go from a long shot  cut to a medium closeup shot of one of the duellists.

Cutaway–  The cutaway shot does not necessarily contribute any dramatic content of its own, but is used to helped in a longer sequence. It mostly used for flashback.

Cross cut– Cutting between two different scenes. Most often used in films occurred at the same time and same place.

Jump cut-  used for the duration of a single shot, jumps between the same shot which aims to give the appearance of continuous time and space in the story.

Smash cut-  is a technique in film and other moving picture media where one scene abruptly cuts to another for aesthetic, narrative, or emotional. For example it’s used when someone wakes up from an intense dream.

Invisible cut-  A cut made during the movement of a single shot .

L cut- is the sound of the next scene precedes the picture.

J cut– is the picture changes but the audio continues.

Technical requirements 

For the camera angles you might want  to capture  how many camera angles you want for each shot, where you want to be positioned in your studio (sitting, standing, multiple positions), and what you might want your set (background, furniture, props) to look like.

Things you might need when you are using Green Screen

  • Green screen background that can be found with a reasonably price.
  • You could make a green screen on smartphone, a cloth, some video editing. software. Newscasting, motion picture, and video game industries always use this technique.

How to create a green screen?

To pull off this technique, all you need is a few things: A green or blue piece of cloth/fabric, a camera, lights, and some editing software.

Type of green screen

Green Seamless fabric: is preferable to Green Seamless paper, as there is a lower chance of hot spots and reflection.

Green Cyclorama:A Green Cyc is a hard curved wall background. It is built into a space permanently – not the best if you’re looking for portability.

Pop-Up Green Screen: Pop-Up Green Screens are a step up from the Green Seamless option in that a support system for hanging the Green is included. (NEED TO WRIE IN YOUR OWN WORDS


Fortunately, the money that I will spent is mostly on the travel as I will be  traveling to Scotland and London during easter for two weeks. So the budget generally contains an estimate of how many times i take a train or any transportation apart from that it’s just my normally everyday money that i spend, but it would cost more than usual because I’m in different place. However, it was my plan during easter so how I manages my money. The estimate of money also depends on where i film for example if i go to a place where it is not free to enter i obviously have to pay for that so i would have to be concern of that point as well. I’m trying to avoid a place where that charges. Normally, making a music video have to cover concept development, storyboards, pre-production, actor, choreography(if needed), location fees, props, costumes, production equipment, production crew, post-production, editing, motion graphics, visual effects, color correction, video encoding, and digital delivery. As I’m a student, i couldn’t afford that much money to  make a big project so will use my Panasonic camera which i think will be enough, tech-clad, and capable of producing great results consistently. I will need to buy new tri-pod because the one i have now is too small, i will need a proper one so it will be able to  support my camera and avoid shaky shots. Also the week before easter I will be hiring a college audio pack even though  it will only need the canon camera for green screen shooting. It would be a great opportunity for me to finish filming that part before easter because when i come back from easter i want to focus on the editing, paperwork or probably more filming if needed.  Overall, i would say my budget depends on my travel and only buying a new tri-pod which is not bad. If I’m assign to do a bigger project and i can effort,i would hire a professional actor, film in a cinematography place, find a crew,transportation, lighting, i would want my music video to look like a holly wood movie.


Exeter-London heathrow=14.50pound

Ticket from London-edinburgh =163 pound

Holyrood palace=9pound

sighseeing in edinburgh=9pound

Underground in London 2 day ticket=20pound

The shard=15pound

Tower of London= 15pound

London st pancaras-cambridge=12.50pound


Editing and Post-Production: Using final cut pro


Test shot 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 This is a test shot on green screen that I’ve took. I’ve took a few photos of my actor. Hopefully I want this shot to be in my rain scene.In my real shot I will have to my actor tie her hair up so it would be easier for me to photoshop. I was thinking if i couldn’t get the original rain i would have to use the rain fall effect and learn how to use gray layer and adjustment learn more about tools and fill new adjustment layer color tone in Photoshop.


Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 13.48.43.png
This is the real rain effects footage that I will be using for my music video


The research I have assigned for this project has  greatly helped me on my idea development as a result of this research I have managed to do more research in primary research and the rest of my research. I was inspired by Michale Gondry’s music videos and many split screen on Vimeo and Youtube. Well, my idea start from seeing on Cider, who is a Youtuber. This is kind of a split screen with a very clever special effect, reverse and unexpected storyline. Before my research I draw a mind -map, it’s just to give me an idea where to start first. I had to understand more of the primary research and target audience because it’s the part that I was struggle with, also doing more research in ethical issues such as representation of women in music video. With budget I needed to research how much it would cost me to do a big project, how will I see myself in 5years. Technical requirement that I might have to use or might not, but its good to know. For this project I always remind myself to keep updating my journal so that I will not be behind. I’m quite happy with what I have planed to do in each week because I think it’s just the right amount for me. My Journal has enabled to keep me on track and dont get lost. I got more motivation when i started to film test shot because this allows me to be able to see how my music video would be like and i find it easier for me to estimate how much footage will be needed and can I edit it in the right time and position.  I have learnt about green screen and had a chance to shoot my actor on a green screen which i think it turned out good. Before doing the research on this I didn’t have a clue about it but this research has helped me to develop how green screen works,what is chromakeying, why is green the most popular color of screen for Chroma keying. i found using green screen is really cool because it’s a special effects that professional use on movies like superhero  films, inventing some incredible ways to create special effects shots. Also,I found a few inspirations from Youtube which gives me an idea of how I want to film and discover more methods of using different camera angles and sound effects. This was a really useful part of research because i will have to decide which camera angle is best for my music video and gave me inspiration to find a good location to film. I found researching the ethical issues within the media allows me to know is this type of work is  good for individuals and society and also described as moral philosophy. Discovering the importance of the BBFC, because people will then realized that if this film or tv show are suitable for their children. For my pitch i think i can go into more details about my test shot and my inspiration because i feel i didn’t put much effort on this part so i would like to explain more about it on my research to show that I have my idea and be able to analysed. Overall, I think i have done my best on my research part and this has helped me to developed my idea.I’m being able to go into depth in some parts which have challenged me. If i had a bigger budget i would have liked to have use focus groups which includes recruiting, hire more people ,refreshment foe the events, renting out location but it must be really expensive.I think having to be restricted to a small budget forces me to come up with resourceful methods to achieve my desired effects, which is a good lesson to learn if I want to make my own music video in the future.


Anatoleya (2011) London – Long Daytime exposure timelapse/stopmotion attempt. Available at: (Accessed: 2011).

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