FMP2: project Proposal

Centre Name and Number: Exeter College – 54221

Student Name and Number: Punpapa Ruthirawut/ 9900476226

Project Proposal Title and Date: 14/03/18

Main Pathway/Medium:Music Video

Section one: Rationale(100-150word)

Reflect on your progress over the course so far this year (units 1-12). What have you done? What did you learn? Which skills have you developed?

So far this year from units 1-12 I have done so many assignment that is given. In Unit 1 , I did a short analyzed for the opening sequence from any favourite drama tv series. I have looked into a visual languange(lighting,cinematograohy,props and etc), Technical codes and music. Basically for this unit I got to develop my initial idea and make up any series genre that is relate to my topic. One of my strengths is I’m no longer struggling to come up  with the ideas and my weakness is I’m not really good at analysing certain media text.  I’m quite happy making coperate video for unit 2 because I got to interview so many people in music academy and it went quite well. I got to use a tri-pod and my own camera, the footage for this project which needed to improving. I would like to improve my filming a little as i could film more inside the building which shows more of the college and also want to make a good Logo for music academy so that it would look more professional. I’m quite happy  with what I had so far in this project. I analysed into a few company/brands and contacted clients. I have researched about marketing and promotion of lady and Sia. Evaluating how Sia and gaga break the mode when it comes to promoting themselves into 1200 words easy. Mainly I learnt about what the  male gaze is,how Gaga and Sia being seen on social media,what is Mulvey’s theory and how women represent themself and what’s man perspective about it. This helped me to learn about  sexual harasment  and the equality between man and woman, also i have learnt that you must always include an bibilography after your research. The last unit is a group project doing a live tv studio production which I really enjoy doing it.  Pre-production can be bit boring but after we got to work in the studio and planned the production it started to be more challenging and exciting. Overall, I get to do more research looking into more artist’s music video, giving me ideas even it didn’t turn out well. I have found I’ve had more time  to film and edit, as well as being able to communicate with clients , building up a good teamwork. I have be able get to perform and do things that I’m not confident with, like being a guest for the TV show. I would say this year so far has bought me so many experience and a part of that it also build my good commutation skills with other.For this Fmp, I will need to learn how to develop my creativity, work to strict deadlines, do more research in depth , development executives, keep it simple with a complicate storyline. I’m hoping to know more about the camera work and learn more editing techniques, and be more confident when using Final cut pro. Identifying my strengths and weaknesses should help my future development. For now,I want to keep my idea simple so that I will not struggle at the beginning and then starts to add more when i’m confident with what i have done so far. Also to make sure that I get on track and be able to know which bit i will need to complete first then just add more later.

Section Two – Project Concept (200-250 words MAXIMUM)

Clearly explain the concept and aims of your project. Explain the research you will do and how this will help to develop your ideas. Explain what you actually plan to produce and the resources (kit etc…) you will need to use.

I want sing a song that my friend composed. We’ve been working on this song for a few weeks. The song is called “breeze,” its about loosing a friend because she messed up and hurt this friend’s feeling then feeling regret later after losing her friendship. The style of this song is pop and R&B. So i would like to make a music video to accompany this track for my FMP. This music video is basically about a bad girl/boy trying to change themselves as  time passes , and things change. My plan is to film a time-lapse of a snow from not too heavy until it starts to fall much heavier. I might have to set the camera on our front porch before the snow started .Time-lapse of a sunny weather. I probably only need one actor to express the emotion and being a bad person at first then change the personality due to some reason. Also will have no lip sync  because I will singing the track for the music video, but I have an actress in the production instead of me. Based on how weather changes people mood, so the weather which I used in the footage will reflect the mood and emotion of the characters in my music video. I also have a looked at the split screen and there realized that i should film something like a sad and good side of a person in separate screens then edit it together. I might use a lot of time lapse. I hop to film scenes where people change from bad-good, with time passing and weather changing. I wanted to film it simple but having a complicate story line. For the song’s composition i will use audio recorded of my friend performing which will give a  variety of sounds that would show more  emotion for my music video. I might have one actor standing in a green screen then just zoom in or have a middle shot to see their expression clearly and want a sharp shots of objects as well. I will have to use tri-pod,camera,dslr (maybe)and the battery charger/power supply. I need to keep in mind about time limits . My first precaution is getting my lens acclimated to the cold weather and avoiding fogging.I think the worst issue is when you come back in to a warm humid place with a cold camera and lens. Being aware of the battery as well as i’m doing time-lapse as well as having to set up the camera for a while. Obviously I dont want the camera to run out while I’m filming.

snow timelapse

I also want to get some of this shot if possible.

Reference: worsethanchiggers (2016) Beautiful 48 hr Time-Lapse of 2016 Blizzard. Available at: (Accessed: 24 Jan 2016).

Film a landscape,green field, in city and a bright sky with rainbow to show that that person has been changed and become happy.

Reference: Mosssyy More (2015) THE SCARIEST WEATHER CHANGE TIME LAPSE. Available at: (Accessed: 22 August 2015).

Reference: EjLover (2012) Weather Change – A Time Lapse Movie. Available at: (Accessed: 24March 2012).

Section Three – Evaluation (50-100 words MAXIMUM)

Explain how you will evaluate your work. How will you evaluate your work as you go along during the project? How will you evaluate it at the very end? How will you record your decision making process and record changes to your idea?

I would ask myself what I could have done better with my work, what are my strengths and weakness and how  I can improve it, I will log this in my journal each week and reflecting upon this in my final evaluation. I will research  practitioners to get an idea and purpose of what and why they are producing work in a certain manner. I will compare my work with my chosen practitioners. I will add the evidence and bibilography according to my research. Once I’ve finished I will outlined the areas where I would  like to make, I have learnt that it’s always a good idea to plan before production. I would use this as an opportunity to ask whoever practitioner I have researched  whether they could help me by contributing more and ask how they make achieve the shots in the work.

Section Four – Production Schedule/Action Plan

Week 1 26Febuary-2march: This week, I am aiming to start the idea development part of the project. I was thinking of listing my idea down so that it would give at least some idea of what I want to do. I will be starting to list my proposal and also write down what I will be doing  each week. Unfortunately, Lee wasn’t in on Wednesday so we didn’t get to run through the brief and also on Thursday and Friday college closed due to the snowed. However, not to waste time I manage to film some snow, random stuff that is going on while it’s snowing and work on my proposal from home.

Week 2 5th- 9th March: I come up with an idea for  my project when i looked at the split screen then i realized that i should get some of that idea but change into my story. Today i will be doing a research on the practitioner and try to think of thing possible i could film during Easter. I want to keep the filming bit simple then started to build up once I have got all the shot that i want so it will be easier and I will know where to start. I’m hoping to get on with my Fmp brief and get the proposal done by next week so I can fully move to the research part. On Wednesday I will speak to have tutor about my ideas for this project.

Week 3 12th- 16thMarch: This week I’m hoping to get on with my research.  Finalised my idea, run through all of my thoughts of what I need ,when do I want to start film and plan the location for film. I have a thought that I should be spending my time during weekend researching more into cinematography and test shots that I want it to be on my music video.

Week 4 19th- 23rd March: I’m hoping to run through my idea and show my research to Lee again, I will ask about how it can be improve, add more ideas or research on each bit. By this period I should have completed my research and I will start to prepare the presentation for next week.

March Assessment Point 2 Deadline 23rd March Present your pitch and hand in a full production schedule

Week 5 26th-29th March: On the 23th I will have to present my pitch to class so for this week I should be working on detail pre-production ideas, production schedule and research.

Presentation preparation:

  • My concept/idea
  • What are you focusing on?
  • target audience
  • inspiration
  • Practitioner research
  • Strength and Weakness
  • production schedule

Week6 EASTER – 1th-14-th April:

During the Easter Break, I might be able to film in Scotland and London I will be using my own camera so I could  film the landscape, train, weather and whatever I want for my music videos. These entire two weeks I aiming to get most of the filming done and make sure that I got the best shots from there because I cannot go back to film again. This was an issue I had with my FMP last year. I will return to Exeter on the 16th so what I want to do is work towards completing my  pre-production!

  • storyboards
  • scripts
  • recce work
  • test shots/edits
  • risk assessments
  • contributors form
  • consent form
  • cast/crew list (blanked out information)

Week 7 16-20th April: Hoping to get the pre-producion done and hope to film the actor this week. After all the filming is done, i will be rechecking all the pre-production and clips again. I want the filming to be done by this week so that i could spend another 2 weeks editing or re-shooting some of scene if needed.

Week8 23rd-27th April : If everything seem to be on track  i expect i will just go for the editing and look at possible editing techniques, try to apply these techniques so that i could use them in my music video. I might use this whole week to explore and experiment with editing techniques, test shot, camera angles and cinematography and see how it would help my work.

Week9 30th April- 4th: I will have to upload my test shot, consent form and all production paper on my blog, talking about what I should  improve, see how my editing is going and does the footage cut to the beat because i find this is hard work especially as i’m doing time lapse and lip-sync in it as well.

Week10 8th – 11th May:  for this week I will be continuing with my editing and adding to my blog in my spare time. I will show my work to Lee to see what he thinks and what I should  improve.

May Assessment Point 4 Deadline 18th May Screen your work to the class and hand in evidence of their feedback

Week11 14th – 18th May: this week i will have to present to the class and hand in evidence of audience feedback. For this last week i will be finalize my editing. Everything must be ready to submit and hopefully everything will go well.

Week12 21st – 25th May: After the submission i will have to write the evaluation about this project and make sure that everything is there on my blog.


This schedule must be specific. For instance don’t just write “research” or “pre-production” for a whole week. Break it down into specific days and what you will research or produce on that day (i.e. research my practitioner or write script etc…).

Section Five – Research Sources/Bibliography (no word count)

Draw up a list of all of the primary and secondary sources you might use to research your concept and turn this list into a correctly formatted Bibliography (Harvard Referencing).

Before you start the project you should have a good range of possible sources for research. As you complete the project you will find other sources and you should add these to your formal bibliography. This means you hand in a first version now and a different, complete version at the end of the project.

Refernee in alphabetically order for the bibliography.


These are the type of music videos I want to research because i think it might help me develop my idea on my music video and as i could always look at how they made and what technique they use  and also give me a better understanding of the song.

Here is the music video that I have through and it’s because it was a split music video all the way through which is kind of simple so this might be one of my idea as well. Even though i dont really get what the music video meaning is but it gave me a weird aspect from the music video. Cassius (2017) Go up. Available at: (Accessed: 9may 2017).

This is another split screen video fro vimeo but with different concept. I looked at this video because i think the way they made is quite clever as it’s giving me a feeling that its simple to do by just making those two scene slightly different but at the same time it’s one story. I found it’s quite clever, easy to understand and simple. Andrew Diego Costa (2014) Split Screen (teste). Available at: (Accessed: 2014).

What i think about this music video was classic and I haven’t seen these kind of music video before. I dont really get the meaning of the song so all i know is how they make the story is quite different and what i like is that the music video has reverse effects that meet two scene together and having a linear storyline. Also this music video gave me a feeling of 90s. I find Warner Bros. Records (2009) Sugar Water. Available at: (Accessed: 26 October 2009).

As i will be shooting my actor on green screen, I will have to do some research about how to use green screen for photos so i have a looked on this tutorial. Basically it teach you how to do the set up, where to spot the light, how to photoshop. I found it was very informative and can always learn something new from this video.  Vimeo Video School (2013) How to use green screen. Available at: (Accessed: 2013).

I hoping to do something like this with the stop motion and a very fast time-lapse. Include a speed to take long exposure photos during the daytime in continuous shot mode, and turned those image sequences into video clips. I find this video really cool and would like to make one like this. Anatoleya (2011) London – Long Daytime exposure timelapse/stopmotion attempt. Available at: (Accessed: 2011).

When i looked through this video i suddenly thought about the song: We dont talk anymore. I really like the shot when the women walk between the two shot and makes it seem like only one. I find it’s might be helpful for my music video because there is a tutorial of how to edit that shot as well.  KingTutsPro (2017) Split Video Effect – Final Cut Pro X. Available at: (Accessed: 2 july 2017).



Anatoleya (2011) London – Long Daytime exposure timelapse/stopmotion attempt. Available at: (Accessed: 2017).

Andrew Diego Costa (2014) Split Screen (teste). Available at: (Accessed: 2014).

Cassius (2017) Go up. Available at: (Accessed: 9may 2017).

KingTutsPro (2017) Split Video Effect – Final Cut Pro X. Available at: (Accessed: 2Jan 2017).

Records (2009) Sugar Water. Available at: (Accessed: 26 October 2009).

Vimeo video school (2013) Using a Green Screen. Available at: (Accessed: 2013).

worsethanchiggers (2016) Beautiful 48 hr Time-Lapse of 2016 Blizzard. Available at: (Accessed: 24 Jan 2016).







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